Jane Longhurst


Crush is an immersive live artwork for auto car washes that explores new notions of slavery and servitude in a robot age. Audiences experience this work from inside a vehicle as it is being cleaned. Evoking the drive-in cinema, audiences tune into the soundtrack via the FM radio in their vehicle as it is transmitted live on site. As the large automated robot goes about its work, Sheridan’s score syncs to its movements, in a powerful and beautiful examination of vulnerability and power.


**Crush won a 2016 Green Room Award for:
Best Contemporary and Experimental Performance:
Sound Performance
Crush, Dylan Sheridan and Sam Routledge (Arts House for Festival of Live Art)

Crush was originally co-commissioned and produced by Junction Arts Festival and the Salamanca Arts Centre through Like HyPe, Launceston 2015; and through the City of Melbourne Arts House.