Jane Longhurst

A graduate of Victorian College of the Arts, Jane has worked as a professional actress in television, performance, theatre and radio in Melbourne, Sydney, Japan and across Tasmania.

TELEVISION includes:

  • 2016 – 2021 ROSEHAVEN ABC (Director: Jonathan Brough)
  • 2013 BUZZ BUMBLE Blue Rocket Productions
  • 1995 BLUE HEELERS Southern Star Television (on-going role)
  • 1994 JANUS ABC (Directors: Kate Woods, Julian McSwiney)
  • 1993 GP ABC (AFI award winning episode, director Peter Andrikidis)
  • 1992 NEIGHBOURS Grundy’s Television (on-going role)

FILM includes:

  • 2014 DEATH OR LIBERTY Roar Film & Tile Film, ABC drama-documentary Wife of Zepheniah Williams

THEATRE includes:

  • 2022 Request Programmein association with Blue Cow Theatre, part of Beaker Street Festival
  • 2021 Happy Days, in association with Blue Cow Theatre
  • 2019 The Mares, Queen Hippolyta, Mare, Alexander, Tasmanian Theatre Company
  • 2018 Hamlet, Gertrude, Blue Cow Theatre
  • 2017 The Events, Claire, Blue Cow Theatre
  • 2017 e baby, Catherine, Tasmanian Theatre Company
  • 2017 You and Me and the Space Between, Narrator, Terrapin Puppet Theatre
  • 2016 Tree Widows, Ensemble, Tasmanian Theatre Company
  • 2015 Grounded, Pilot, Blue Cow Theatre
    • 2016 Tasmanian Theatre Award winner, Best Professional Female Performance
  • 2014 & 2016 Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Martha, Tasmanian Theatre Company
    • 2015 Tasmanian Theatre Award winner, Best Professional Ensemble
  • 2014 & 2015 The State of the Tasmanian Economy, Anna + various, Blue Cow Theatre
  • 2014 Born From Animals, Various, Tasmanian Theatre Company
  • 1996 A Streetcar Named Desire, Stella, Melbourne Theatre Company (Education)


  • Experienced and in demand voice over artist for local, national and international markets for 15 years including retail, on hold, e-learning, narration, corporate etc.
  • 2011 narrated television documentary, Bali High Wedding, by film maker Varcha Sidwell, aired on Compass, ABC1 TV
  • Casual presenter with ABC Local Radio including ABC Grandstand, Classic FM and Tasmanian Country Hour


  • 2022 Festival of Voices Corporate Choir Challenge MC
  • Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (Mini TSO school tours), Carols by Candlelight (Hobart City Council, 2015) East Coast Tourism Awards, University of Tasmania, Department of Primary Industries, Parks and the Environment, local government


  • Advance Bank (NSW), Twinings Tea, Westpac (New Zealand), RACT (Tas)



5 stars: ★★★★

‘Longhurst is riveting in this role, managing to find a way to make the mundane actions fascinating. It’s a different sort of acting – these are not the fireworks of a thrilling performance, but a stern and dedicated commitment to the overall thesis of the work – the critique of the failing of contemporary life that harshly abandons people and reduces them to their economic output and ability to shop.’ Andrew Harper, ArtsHub review of Request Programme, in association with Blue Cow Theatre, part of Beaker Street Festival August 2022

‘Some of the most surprising performances come from Jane Longhurst and Mel King, two much loved and popular performers on Tasmanian stages. We’ve never seen them like this before. Hardened, complex, layered, brave and simultaneously utterly absorbing and intimidating. Rarely do we see female characters of such complexity on stage’. Kath Melbourne, ArtsHub review of The Mares presented by Tasmanian Theatre Company, March 2019 

‘Jane Longhurst evokes the Mare with skill, with her faraway gaze, distracted swinging head and heavy back and legs. It’s a powerful evocation of equine movement, which suggests that the Mare exists in two worlds at once – in a brightly lit modern dressage arena, and as companion to the mythological female warriors defending their island from the violent incursions of Heracles’ army’. Dr Jane Woollard, The Conversation review, The Mares presented by Tasmanian Theatre Company, March 2019

‘I became totally engaged with some powerful contemporary issues and ideas. I forgot it was Jane Loghurst performing. The actor’s work of convincing transformation was done. I expected a lot from Jane, but she exceeded because she had subtlety and restraint, not ripping out the big guns until the controlled detonation of the climax. Her and director Annette Downs found the script’s pace and created a beat like chinese water torture. Unrelenting and meticulous. 
This is a bright, sharp, precise bit of theatre. There are no tricks. The set doesn’t move, the lights are subtle and functional and what matters is the narrative thrust. It’s hard work for an actor, and the actor works very, very hard here, but with good reason: there is something to say’. Andrew Harper on Grounded, 2015, Blue Cow Theatre

‘Anchoring the show is a superbly controlled performance by Jane Longhurst as the complex and singular airwoman. This is a script that demands restraint, exacting detail and a huge emotional range. Longhurst’s performance matches it and more, in what is a triumph of sustained, high-intensity acting’. Michael McLaughlin, Grounded, 2015, Blue Cow Theatre