Jane Longhurst

Digital Odyssey

By Craig Walsh
Franklin Square, Hobart

Digital Odyssey was an 18 month tour and artist residency, which bought Australian artist Craig Walsh’s distinctive artwork to locations throughout the country. For this innovative and ambitious project, Walsh traveled around Australia developing and presenting temporary large-scale public projection and multi media works that were collaborative with communities and responsive to regional history, local stories and the surrounding landscape.

Digital Odyssey aimed to initiate meaningful interaction with contemporary art by enabling rural and remote audiences to experience and actively engage with the development and installation of media art works rarely presented outside of major cities. The tour was managed by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

These temporary public artworks were created using digital media, in response to local stories and the Tasmanian landscape connecting virtual and real places.

From the end of February Walsh will be based in a project hub in Hobart’s CBD, working with the community on ongoing Digital Odyssey artworks which will be displayed at the hub.

Digital Odyssey was a free event for all the family. The projections were visible each day of Ten Days on the Island 2011 from dusk.

For more information on Digital Odyssey visit www.digitalodyssey.com.au
Artist: Craig Walsh
Performers: Nerida Sainty and Jane Longhurst
Photography: Al Bett