Jane Longhurst

Born From Animals

Tasmanian Theatre Company’s production Born From Animals brought together three of Tasmania’s leading playwrights for one riveting night in the theatre. Sean Monro, Finegan Kruckemeyer and Tom Holloway were commissioned to write a stand alone single act work of drama. The plays explored dark, intense themes with special focus on contemporary masculinity.

The Tasmanian Theatre Company (TTC) invited Liminal Spaces, director Aidan Fennessy and lighting designer, Jason James, to bring to life three plays that formed the production, Born From Animals. Tasmanian Theatre Company partnered with leading architecture and public space design studio, Liminal Spaces to create a complex and authoritative set design.

The design responds to dark themes the triptych of plays unravel. The multifaceted installation sought interpretation rather than literal representation. Black, angular, floating surfaces conceal recesses, openings and ramps. Once peeled back, lifted, folded or propped, an intensity of colour is exposed and transformation takes place.

Born From Animals by Sean Monro, Finegan Kruckemeyer and Tom Holloway
Directed by Aidan Fennessy
Cast: Jane Longhurst, Guy Hooper, Maeve Mhairi McGregor, Scott Farrow and Chris Hamley
Backspace Theatre

Awarded Best Professional Design Tasmanian Theatre Awards 2015
Photography by Jonathan Wherrett