Jane Longhurst

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by Franz Xaver Kroetz

At the end of a typical work day, a woman returns to her apartment and closes the door. She changes her clothes, prepares a simple meal, listens to the radio, dedicates some time to a craft hobby, cleans up, showers, prepares for bed.

One final devastating act occurs as the play’s climax. The entire performance is conducted in real time, over 70minutes, without a single word uttered. This silent monologue is a portrait of loneliness, arguably more relevant and devastating today than fifty years ago when the play was written. Through its meticulous observation of the mundane, the central character, though mute, speaks for all the voiceless and socially isolated individuals in our community.

Current social research reveals the depth of our loneliness. In 2018, Australian Psychological Society in conjunction with Swinburne University of Technology published research that showed 25% of all Australians reported feeling lonely for most of every week. For leading social researcher Hugh Mackay, this one in four statistic points to a ‘… virtual epidemic of loneliness’ even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. A team of Tasmania’s finest performing artists and designers will craft the Tasmanian Premiere of this remarkable work. Within the intimate setting of Detached Gallery, you are invited to experience this silent meditation, this performance of a show that has been described by The New York Times as a ‘living centre of an installation,’ and ‘devastating, heart-wrenching, extraordinary.’



Longhurst is riveting in this role, managing to find a way to make the mundane actions fascinating. It’s a different sort of acting – these are not the fireworks of a thrilling performance, but a stern and dedicated commitment to the overall thesis of the work – the critique of the failing of contemporary life that harshly abandons people and reduces them to their economic output and ability to shop.”

Andrew Harper, ArtsHub, 9 August 2022


“Until she enters the room, skin all pale and work-day fraught, I have absolutely no idea that I am about to witness first-hand, the staggering dissolve of this woman. Longhurst’s delivery is nothing short of sensational.

– Justy Phillips, 6 August 2022








ACTOR: Jane Longhurst

DIRECTOR: Robert Jarman

SET DESIGN: Jon Bowling

SET BUILD: Paul ‘Chop’ Colegrave

SOUND: Jacky Collyer

LIGHTING: Nicholas Higgins

PRODUCER: Lucinda Toynbee Wilson in association with Blue Cow Theatre



PHOTOGRAPHY: Tony McKendrick


Lifeline Tasmania Support People were present at each performance.